Rules and Regulations

Class Rules

1. Class Timings needs to be strictly followed.

2. Please wear any comfortable clothing to class. No Jeans or heavy clothings that might restrict your movement.

3. If the student is below 10 years, please checkin and checkout. Above 10, we leave it to parents discretion but need to be informed.

4. In case of events or due to any unforeseen situations, the missed classes from Tarang will be compensated on a pre agreed date and time and cannot be negotiated. (in case the student misses the classes, no compenstory classes will be provided)

5. Our students enjoy the classes and no rude, unethical behaviors' or bullying will be allowed or tolerated.

6. We take pictures and videos of regular classes and will be posted in social media. In case you as a student or your child wishes to stay out of these videos and photos, please let us know prior to the start.

Fee Payment Rules

1. Prepayment : Fee must be paid before the first class of every month.

2. No fee refund or discount will be given for the missed classes.

3. Fee payment is only relaxed if you go on a long break so as to avoid issues in bookkeeping and will not be negotiated.

4. If you have 5 weeks of vacation you will only exempted from fee payment for the month which you are not there.

Example : You go on vacation in the last week or mid of August and back in September. You will be exempted from paying the September fee only.


1. All School choreographies are original productions and are done by our choreographers.

2. School Choreographies should not be used without permission.

4. School Choreographies can be used for presentation by our students only, but should not be shared or taught in other groups or associations.