In a distant land, far from our beloved India, Tarang School for Dance and Music came into being, ignited by the fiery passion of three extraordinary women. Their hearts beat as one in their quest to unfurl the vibrant tapestry of Indian culture, determined to sow its seeds in foreign soil and share its resplendent art forms.

Their vision was not confined to just the young and impressionable; they believed that age should never be a barrier to pursuing one's passions or rediscovering long-lost dreams. With an unwavering commitment, they aspired to create a haven of cultural enlightenment and camaraderie, where enthusiasts from all walks of life could find solace.

At Tarang, we vowed to shatter the shackles of intimidation and embrace the power of encouragement. Here, every individual, regardless of their background, would find unwavering support and nurturing for their aspirations. A sanctuary was born, where the flames of passion flickered and danced freely, unrestrained by any limitations.

In this safe sanctuary, hearts would find their home, and souls would soar beyond imagination. Each student, young or old, would be shielded from the cruel winds of ridicule, and instead, bask in the warmth of inspiration and love. For, within the walls of Tarang School for Dance and Music, the beauty of Indian culture would unfurl its petals, casting a spell on hearts and minds, forever transforming lives with its mesmerizing rhythm.

Adrija P Menon


Deepika Narayanan


Swathy Suresh


Our principles

We are committed to providing high-quality dance, music, and arts classes to our students, ensuring they receive the best education possible.

Performance Oppurtunities


Quality Education

We believe that everyone should have access to arts education, which is why we offer our classes at an affordable price, making it accessible to all.

At Tarang School, we provide numerous performance opportunities for our students, allowing them to showcase their talent and gain valuable stage experience.